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Cold Roll Forming Machine

Good quality Purlin Roll Forming Machines for sales
Good quality Purlin Roll Forming Machines for sales
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Company News
Cold Roll Forming Machine
Cold Roll Forming Machine

Introduction to Roll Forming

There are many kinds of processing methods for cold roll forming machine , which are derived from the translation of the cement industry from English: roll forming, roller forming, roll bending forming, etc. There is also a translation from Russian. The name is cold-formed and is used in the steel metallurgy industry.

Cold roll forming is based on the physical properties of the material. Depending on the plastic characteristics of the material, the high-strength and smooth-surfaced rollers, rolls, etc. are brought into contact with the machined surface to produce a slight amount of plastic deformation to gradually produce the required parts and components. Roll forming is a plastic forming process in which only bending deformation occurs during forming. The thickness of the blank remains essentially constant during the forming process, but is slightly thinner at the corners. The surface roughness of the workpiece being rolled can reach Ry 0.1-0.8 μm instantaneously. After the surface hardening, the wear resistance is improved and the fatigue strength is also increased by 30%, which has the advantage that it cannot be obtained in the cutting process .

Cold Roll Forming Machine Features

  1. High roll forming efficiency, suitable for mass production.
  2. There is basically no limitation on the length of processing.
  3. The product has high precision and good consistency.
  4. The surface quality of the product is good.
  5. Other auxiliary processing steps can be integrated in the roll forming production unit, such as online punching, stamping, rounding, welding, riveting, etc.
  6. Compared with the stamping process, it can save about 20%-30% of materials
  7. Suitable for forming high-strength steel;
  8. The equipment investment is low, and the replacement of the mold is convenient
  9. Complex cross-section stamping is irreplaceable.


Cold Roll Forming Machine Application

As a high-efficiency metal forming technology, the materials that can be used for cold roll forming are also widely. Mainly including low-carbon steel, non-ferrous metals and other materials with good toughness.The products have the advantages of smooth surface and precise size. This processing method is particularly suitable for the production and processing of a wide variety of hole-shaped sections with large longitudinal lengths.

The main products of rolling steel are: C Purlin, thin channel steel, thin V-shaped steel, thin Z-shaped steel, belt-shaped Z-shaped steel, hat-shaped steel and other lightweight steel, corrugated steel, corrugated steel and other wide sections, steel sheet piles Large cross-section materials such as road guardrails, and small-section materials such as window frames, round and angled steel pipes, cold-formed rectangular pipes for structural use, cold-formed steel for passenger cars, steel for rolling doors and steel windows, and welded pipes for low-pressure fluid transportation. General purpose cold-formed steel, cold-formed steel for construction steel structure, and cold-formed profiles of various sections. Mainly used in highway construction, steel structure, automobile manufacturing, container, railway vehicles, steel formwork and scaffolding, bridges, electrical cabinets, hanging conveyors, cable trays, shelves, elevator guide rails, keel steel, vegetable greenhouses, agricultural machinery, grain storage , furniture and fire protection equipment.


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